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Manx 8" T.L.S. Front

This conical twin leading shoe hub assembly was introduced in 1954, initially with a single fin. 1956 saw a change to 3 cooling fins and an increase in the diameter of the brake plate register. In 1959 the brake plate anchor bolt was moved further up the fork leg ( 5" from wheel spindle centre ) and the brake plate register further increased in diameter. As standard we offer the '56/'58 specification, but can supply the other types to special order. Note that the 5" centres fork slider is not currently available.

Components are manufactured to original drawings and can be supplied individually to refurbish original hubs.

Brake lining area:
8" dia x 1.1/2 " wide
Magnesium: 5.5 kg
Aluminium: 6.6 kg
Spindle Bearings:
Stove enamel black, semi gloss
Wheel rim:
40 spoke holes, use 8/10 gauge butted spokes
Magnesium Brake Shoes - Saves 200g
: Larger air intake scoop ( square )
Both above options at additional cost.

For a complete list of technical information please refer to the below Data Sheet.

pdfMPL Manx Hubs Data Sheet

For information on pricing of all hubs, follow this link.

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