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Team Molnat Manx
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The Legends Live On

Team Molnar Manx 2015

2014 saw the success of the 4 Valve Molnar Manx after nearly 3 years of hard work and development, Dan Cooper finished in 2nd place on board his 500cc Molnar Manx, despite broken exhaust rubbers. It was without doubt the best 500cc classic race on the Isle of man in nearly 10 years, with us going into the last lap with a 17 second lead, having lost 20 seconds Ian Lougher on the previous lap. Michael Dunlop was running in 3rd place until a broken tank strap brought an end to his race.

2014 was also Team Molnar Manx's "young gun" Richard Molnar's first season in the premier 500cc Classic Class, and despite a couple of tumbles, he still managed to surprise, impress and beat some of the biggest names in classic motorcycle racing.

Now that the reliability of the 4 valve Molnar Manx is almost unbeatable, 2015 will be spent fine tuning the engines and optimising the performance to try and get Team Molnar Manx their first win on the Isle of Man since 2002. In 2015 we will keep the same Team as last year, with both Dan Cooper and Michael Dunlop heading the Classic TT effort, and Richard Molnar riding the short circuits and developing the 4 Valve bikes, whilst we hope that Chris Firmin and Andy Molnar will run at some rounds in the Lansdowne championship.

After last years performance we really do believe that we can win the 500cc Classic TT with just a little bit of fine tuning! And hopefully put on an even better show for the crowd!


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