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86 BORE 500cc Standard Specification

All parts manufactured to 1962 specification, exactly to Norton Motors original drawings, with a few major enhancements. Every gear, screw, nut, shaft and spacer in a Molnar Manx engine is directly interchangeable with the Bracebridge Street equivalent. Our engines have magnesium crankcases, timing covers and camboxes as the original, cast from the Norton pattern work, CNC machined in house, then re dichromated for corrosion protection and authentic appearance. Sand cast aluminium cylinder barrel muff as original with spun cast iron liner. Precision sand cast cylinder heads from original pattern work are CNC machined and fitted with hard ‘lead free’ valve seats, ‘Colsibro’ valve guides and stainless valves. Either coil or original hairpin valve springs are available.

All of our Manx engines are enhanced with the ultimate crankshaft assembly, 2kg lighter than standard, manufactured from EN36 forgings, hardened and ground all over, with pressed up 40mm needle roller big end. Carrillo con rod, lightweight 2 ring forged Omega piston and nitrided rings. We believe that these proven crankshafts give the optimum combination of rigidity and flexure for the Manx, but if the customer insists, we can supply our engines with a one piece EN40 billet crank and carrillo con rod at extra cost.

The 500cc Molnar Manx road spec engine has been a great hit with many riders, whether they wish to build their own Manx road bike or buy one of Steve's "Tonkin Tornadoes".

Not only is the standard Molnar Manx engine the most cosmetically accurate available, it is consistently a top performer. The Stage 1 and Stage 2 tuned engines have taken this another step further without compromising tractability and reliability. Since it’s debut in 1995 Molnar Manxes have won more races for standard spec machines than everyone else combined. The fastest recorded lap in the Isle of Man for an 86mm Molnar Manx is 104mph.

For information on pricing of standard Manx', follow this link

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