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MPL Molnar Manx 95 Bore Specification

Developed in conjunction with Fred Walmsley Developments, the 95 bore Molnar Manx has been the machine to beat in the last few seasons. Winning 6 out of the last 7 International Classic British GrandPrix support races, the 2000, 2002 and 2006 Classic Senior Manx GrandPrix, the InCA 2002 European Championship, FIM 2003 Classic World Series and numerous other International events. The late, sadley missed double world champion Barry Sheene chose the FWD Molnar Manx 95 bore for his personal machine to campaign in Classic events, the best endorsement you can get.

All parts are machined from original castings to ensure authentic appearance.

95mm bore x 70.38 stroke = 499cc

Pressed up crank assembly, with integral mainshafts, made from EN36 forgings hardened and ground all over. 40mm parallel pin and INA needle roller big end bearing with titanium con rod. We believe that these proven crankshafts give the optimum combination of rigidity and flexure for the Manx, but if the customer insists, we can supply our engines with a one piece EN40 billet crank and carrillo con rod at extra cost.

Special forged 2 ring piston, running in a ceramic bore in a lightweight barrel casting. Maximum safe RPM = 9,000.

Cambox and cylinder head valve angle reduced to 60ø inclusive with valves re-positioned to suit. Inlet port and combustion chamber totally re-designed. Twin 10mm spark plugs.

Almost every part has been worked on to reduce the weight of the engine to 77 pounds (35 kg) excluding magneto and carb.

MPL Molnar Manx 95 Bore Specification
Built 95 Bore full specification engine with electronic ignition. £12,900.00
40 FF Gardner carb,manifold float chamber, cables, twistgrip etc. £ 640.00
6 speed gearbox, all magnesium. £ 2,450.00
Lightened engine plates, bolts/studs and
gearbox mountings.
£ 420.00
Lightweight clutch, belt drive and cover. £ 730.00
MPL 'Featherbed' frame, swing arm and Maxton shocks. £ 2,350.00
Llightweight 'Roadholder' forks £ 1,100.00
Magnesium yokes and hydraulic steering damper. £ 540.00
210mm Fontana hub, mag shoes, rim, tyre, tube. £ 2,040.00
Conical rear hub, floating brake, rim, tyre, tube. £ 1,840.00
Final drive chain, sprockets. £ 110.00
Footrests, brake, gearlever, wheel adjusters,
handlebars and levers, cables and torque stays
£ 700.00
Carbon mudguards, seat, mountings. £ 250.00
Polished alloy petrol and oil tanks and mountings £ 1300.00
Scitsu tacho £ 135.00
Carbon fairing and mountings £ 455.00
Lightweight silenced exhaust system and mountings £ 540.00
Building, ancillaries, running in on our dyno £ 1,500.00
Grand TOTAL £ 30,000.00
All price estimates are subject to confirmation and exclude delivery and .
Because all machines are hand built to customer specification all elliments are interchangable to meet your exact reqirements.
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