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MPL Molnar Manx Engine Options

We offer a wide range of engine configurations that can be purchased to put into your own rolling chassis or specified as part of a new complete replica bike.

Standard Engine

Complete kit of engine parts to exact 1962 factory design, enhanced in accordance with our standard Manx engine specification.
Excluding magneto and carburettor.

£ 9,600.00
No cost options
500cc (86mm bore) or 350cc (76mm)
exposed hairpin or enclosed coil valve springs
Options at extra cost:
Build engine to factory production race spec.
Extra Cost
£ 450.00
Optional high performance stage 1 tuning kit to boost torque and power output, extra cost to incorpate into a new engine £ 300.00
Extra cost to incorperate stage 2 tuning built into a new engine £ 600.00
Optinonal titanium con rod £ 350.00
Optional one peice crank and carrillo rod £600.00
Optional high capacity timing side main bearing £ 320.00
Ceramic plated all alloy cylinder £ 125.00
High performance valve springs £ 100.00
High performance cams from £ 20.00
Tuning kits for 86mm 500cc
Stage 1 tuning kit, comprising new cylinder head, manifold, valves, springs,piston and cams, can be supplied to improve the performance of original engines.
£ 2,150.00
Stage 2 tuning kit comprising new cylinder head with revised combustion chamber, manifold, valves, springs, piston and cams. £ 2,450.00

Road Engine
86 bore 500cc engine built with extended crankshaft for alternator, revised cams and porting, decompressor facility, excluding ignition and carb.


Ultra Short Stroke Engines

90 Bore 500cc engine built, excluding mag and carb


90 Bore 500cc engine built with titanium con rod and full lightning kit, excludes mag and carb

Options at extra cost:
92 bore 521cc engine more than 90 bore.
Extra Cost
£ 300.00
95 bore 500cc engine built to top specification,
excluding mag and carb
81 bore 350cc engine built with titanium con rod and full lightning kit, excluding mag and carb £12,000.00


Ignition and Carburettor Options
MPL Electronic ignition, self generating, mapped curve, single spark £ 625.00
MPL Electronic ignition, self generating, mapped curve, twin plug £ 700.00
Replica Lucas 2MTT with electronic internals £ 850.00
Pal magneto, single spark, reconditoned not new £ 400.00
Pal magneto, twin spark, reconditioned not new £ 460.00
Lucas magneto, reconditioned not new £ 500.00
Amal concentric Mark 2 smooth bore carb £ 220.00
Gardener flat slide carb from £ 270.00
G.P. replica carb £ 575.00
Remote float chamber for Gardener or G.P. carb £ 140.00
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