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MPL Complete G50 and 7R Machines

New G50 / 7R – Original AMC Specification

We offer new built original specification G50 / 7R motorcycles in conjunction with AMC tuning guru Fred Walnsley.

MPL G50 / 7R - Standard Bike Specifications
Engine –
G50 / 7R as our standard specification.
Ignition –
PAL magneto.
Carburettor  -
GP2 T3.
Transmission -
5 speed Quaife gearbox. Belt primary drive with black GRP cover.
Frame -
Exact replica frame stoved or powder coated.
Shocks -
Original type rear shocks.
Forks -

1961 specification forks with external springs & gaiters.

Yokes -
Steel bottom yoke, polished alloy top yoke.
Front Wheel -
TLS 8 1/4'” dia 1961 type. Alloy rim, stainless spokes. Avon tyre.
Rear Wheel -
1961 type cable operated brake. Alloy rim, stainless spokes. Avon tyre.
Tanks -
Painted and lined short circuit alloy petrol tank, painted alloy oil tank.
Exhaust -
Original type low level chrome swept back exhaust pipe & mega (Loud!).
Original 1961 type flyscreen & cowl, covered seat. Replica mechanical tacho. Original type clip-ons, modern alloy quality control levers etc. Supplied complete with set of sprockets & paddock stand.
Delivery: 6 Months
All machines are hand built to customer’s specifications and so any variation can be accommodated.  The following are typical of the options most frequently requested:
Extra Costs £:
Magnesium crankcases 200.00
Tuned Engine  P.O.A.
Short stroke Engine P.O.A.
Electronic ignition  225.00
Gardner carburettor   cheaper by 275.00
AMAL MK2 concentric carburettor 

cheaper by 500.00

6 speed all magnesium gearbox  500.00
Maxton fully adjustable rear shocks 250.00
Silenced exhaust system  250.00

All price are subject to confirmation exclude delivery & VAT


New G50 / 7R – Seeley Specification

We are now able to offer new G50 or 7R engines built into our own Seeley Mk 2 rolling chassis. Manufactured to the same exacting standards of our proven Manx machines we are sure they are the best on the market.

MPL G50 / 7R - Seeley Specification
Built 1962 spec engine with electronic ignition system £9,480.00
Quaife 5 speed gearbox £1,950.00
Mk 2 Concentric carb, cable, trist grip, manifold £ 350.00
Belt drive and GRP cover £ 510.00
Final drive chain, sprockets £ 110.00
Exhaust system

from £ 420.00

Seeley Mk 2 frame and shocks £1,950.00
Folks and Fontana 210mm wheel £3,000.00
Rear wheel £1,730.00
Engine plates and mountings £270.00
Tanks and fairing £1,440.00
Seat, mudguards and tacho £ 350.00
Footrests, brake and gear levers, cables etc £ 670.00
Alloy yokes and hydraulic steering damper £ 440.00
Building, ancillaries, running in on our dyno £1,500.00
Grand TOTAL £24,370.00

The price for a complete machine is based on standard G50 or 7R engine.

A 92 bore G50 motor adds an extra £1550.00.

All price estimates are subject to confirmation and do not include shipping or VAT

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